COMM 223
Project #5
Designed homepage

DUE: Tuesday, November 19th

Create and properly design your home page:

  • A CSS style sheet controls all styles.
  • There is a meaningful title tag for the page.
  • You have the project links styled in an interesting way (Helpful Guides/CSS Learning Guide/Making hyperlinks a different color for all links).
  • You have a link to at least one external site (can be a link to your Westfield web site).
  • You have at least one photo, preferably biographical.
  • You photo is styled and well positioned.
  • You have a short statement about who you are and what the site is for. Style this statement, don't have it just run the width of the page (margins! and more).
  • Any 'h' tags are correctly used in outline sense.
  • Use interesting and appropriate Google or Adobe fonts
  • Use a background image if you like. If you do, be sure all text is legible over background.
  • Include at least one embedded video
  • Everything WORKS.

- 10 points if not on time

- 10 points for every non-functioning link or image.

- 100 points if more than a week late