COMM 223
Project #3
Three page web site with CSS

DUE: Thursday, October 17th

Create and properly post to your web space:

  • A CSS styled version of the plain HTML project you did last.

Minimum three total pages (more if you wish).

Each project must have (10 points for each line):

  • A folder on your web space for your project named “Project3” (with proper extensions on all file names). And your project is in it. Link from Home page to Project3 works.
  • Successful implementation of a CSS menu system that is always available (and in the same place) plus a “Home” link to return to the opening page.
  • An identity banner at the top center of every page and a useful <title> tag
  • An “images” folder in your Project3 folder. (All images must be in it.)
  • Have a menu nestled in NAV tags.
  • Make use of box controls such as padding, border and margin as you create items on your page
  • Specify at least 2 font-sizes, colors and font-families on your pages
  • Make proper use of h1, h2 etc. (heirarchy) plus <p> tags
  • At least one image on each page, properly sized and optimized for the web in Photoshop. Put a border style/frame on all images.
  • Properly styled CSS content on all pages with an external CSS style sheet controlling all CSS styles.

- 10 points if not on time

- 10 points for every non-functioning link or image.

- 100 points if more than a week late