COMM 223
Project #3
A Five Page Web Site

Due Wednesday, April 5th


Create and properly post to your web space:

  • A personal web site that helps the world know who you are; or

  • A site that is a fan site or homage to some person, place, subject, etc.

Minimum five total pages (more if you wish).

Each project must have (5 - 20 points for each line):

  • ______(10) A folder on your web space for your project named “Project3” (with proper extensions on all file names). And your project is in it. Link from Home page to Project3 works.

  • ______(5) At least one link to an external web site, properly opening in a new window.

  • ______(10) An “images” folder in your Project3 folder. (All images must be in it.) Pictures must be properly sized and optimized for the web in Photoshop.

  • ______(25) Include a single external CSS style sheet linked to all pages

  • ______(20) Tags for accessibility on each page including proper H1 – H5 and p designations on all text

  • ______(15) Full site menu is always available (and in the same place) plus a “home” link to return to the opening page.

  • ______(5) At least one image on each page.

  • ______(5) An identity banner at the top of every page

  • ______(5) Proper titles in the Title tags of each page

- 10 points if not on time

- 100 points if more than a week late