COMM 223 - Introduction to Web Site Design and Construction

Installing and building a Wordpress site


Install Wordpress on your GoDaddy site


Log in to GoDaddy

  • Go to My Account
  • Click on the Manage button next to Web Hosting
  • Click on the Manage button on the next screen that says “no issues”
  • (Re-validate if asked.)
  • Under Popular Apps select and install Wordpress into your folder called Project5
  • Use the same user/pass as the main site.

Creating pages.

  • Left menu, under Pages, Add New
  • Put a title at the top
  • Add some words for now
  • On the right side select “No Parent” and the click the blue Publish button
  • Repeat to add three more pages


New Title page

  • Modify under Appearance/Themes

    Choose 2017

    Modify under Appearance/Customize
    • Under Site Identify, Choose a Title and tagline for your homepage
      Under Colors you can control color, use a hexidecimal
      Header Media is the home page photo, choose one (or an MP4 video)
      Select Static First page, change "Front page Displays" to A Static Page
      Under Theme Options, choose if you want preview page areas under main image
    • Additional CSS lets you use CSS to customize your site
Modify under Appearance/Widgets
Add or remove items from Sidebar (remove them all to start)
Modify under Appearance/Menus
You can organize the order of your menu items here
  • Create a menu name and social media menu
    • Under Appearance, Menus, order your pages
      Create a primary and a Social Media menu
    Modify under Appearance/Editor
CSS to modify!
  • Go to Media, drag and drop image assets onto the screen
  • On a page, at the top, choose Add Media to choose a photo. Click on the photo once it’s on your page to position it.