COMM 101       

Writing Assignment # 4, Why Study the Media?

As with all my in-class writing assignments I welcome your opinions (in fact I expect them) but they must be supported by information from your readings, the lectures or films shown in class. I don't care if you disagree with my point of view or those of the materials presented, but you must specify the information that supports, or is in conflict with, your ideas.

You've studied mass communication for a full semester. I hope you feel you’ve gained some insights about our media and culture.

Please write a short paper* on why you think (or don’t think!) it’s important to study media. Tell me as if I were someone who knew nothing about this course. Tell me the main things you've learned about the media and how they might relate or have already related to your own life.

*Minimum 1-2 pages; 250-500 words, but more is very OK if you feel you need the space.