COMM 101  

Writing Assignment # 1a, Extra Credit/Optional Assignment "Outfoxed"

As with all my in-class writing assignments I welcome your opinions (in fact I expect them) but they must be supported by information from your readings, the lectures or films shown in class. I don't care if you disagree with my point of view or those of the materials presented, but you must specify the information that supports, or is in conflict with, your ideas.

Write a one to two page typed paper on the following topic:

You've seen the film “Outfoxed” and how it examined the "journalistic" standards of Fox News. In addition, you were emailed a New York Times article about Fox News, and their relationship with the current White House. With your knowledge of objectivity and the importance of a free and honest press in a functioning democracy, how do you think that Fox is doing in maintaining "fair and balanced" journalism? Is it fair to criticize Fox alone, or do viewers have a responsibility to seek additional sources of information? Do you think other news outlets are just as biased? What, if anything, can or should be done about it?

Due: March 21


If you did not see the movie in class, see it here.