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at Westfield State University.

Fall 2016

COMM 101, Introduction to Mass Communication

COMM 101 syllabus - MWF group

COMM 101 syllabus - MW only group

Exam #1 Study Guide

Exam #2 Study Guide

Exam #3 Study Guide

Writing Assignment #1

Writing Assignment #2

Writing Assignment #3

Writing Assignment #4

A guide to which media conglomerates own what

And here

If you did not see a movie in class, see it here.

COMM201, Introduction to Communication Technology

COMM 201 syllabus

Project #0, Gmail and Google Group

Project #1, PowerPoint Presentation

Project #2 & 3, GarageBand and Photography Presentation

Project #4, Video Presentation

Project #4, Web Site and Blog

Our Google Group

COMM223, Introduction to Web Site Design and Development

COMM 223 syllabus

Project #1, a Paper-based design for 3 home pages

Project #2, A simple HTML web site

Project #3, An homage or personal web site

Project #4, A shopping web site

Project #5, Adding SEO, Javascript and eMail

Forms are here

Instructional guides


Student work, Fall 2016


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